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When a baby is born, so is a mother.

When you become a parent you have all these hopes and dreams about who your child will grow up to be.

Astronaut. Dancer. Doctor. Artist. President.

You want your child to be special and unique. Ahead in milestones. Smart and talented. Top of their class!
But when you discover that your child has special needs, all you really want is for them to be like all the other kids. To grow, to smile, to make friends, and to play and enjoy life.
In previous generations, our society often focused on being “good parents” in general. It was important to appear normal - respectable and responsible. Nobody wants to be “that mom,” who has to ask all the questions and insist on various accommodations for their kids.
“Does that have dairy?” “Are there peanuts in that?” “Is it made with gluten?” “Does that place have wheelchair access?” “Is it ‘sensory friendly’?” “Can I just bring stuff from home for my child?”
But you know what I’ve learned?

We need to be “that mom.
We need to speak up.
We need to advocate for our children.
Because motherhood is about raising the children you have, not the children you thought you’d have.

We, as parents, need support for ourselves in order to have the strength they need from us. We parent by example. That’s what led me to starting my own business. My family needed more flexibility and support than a traditional full-time position in my field offered, and my children needed more time with their mother.
I am not a perfect parent. I have a background in Early Childhood Development, but I no longer believe in the idea of “parenting experts.” Life is not like the text books.

What I am is an engaged parent and a passionate researcher.
I'm a breastfeeding and co-sleeping momma who vaccinates her kids, cusses more often than she probably should, and sometimes loses her cool; but still tries her best every day.

And I am a parenting advocate who believes in speaking up, for my children and for other families like ours.
All children are special in their own way. We should be focusing on being the best parent for our individual kids and acknowledge their unique needs. We are their voices, and they are our hearts.

I wouldn’t change my children for the world. But I would change the world for them.

So if you are like me, and believe in being the change you wish to see in the world, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee and sit beside me. Come join our community and be my friend.
And together we can make it.
One mom-moment at a time. 💜

Love, Christie