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There's a reason all moms are not SAHMs, and it's not what you think.

Posted by Christie Donn on

Let's face it. The world has changed dramatically over the last month. Schools are closed across the nation, businesses are shut down, people are sick, and things are just plain weird. Life as we know it has completely changed and families are finding themselves at home with each other all day, every day.

Personally speaking, I have seen an over abundance of "at-home school schedules" and "learning at home activities" in my email and on social media. And while I know these types of tools were created and shared with only the best of intentions during this global pandemic, I feel like these are only creating a whole new kind of crisis - A mental health crisis in parents. 

With our kids out of school, society has tried to put added pressure on parents to step-up and ensure that their children are still keeping up with their classroom work. I mean, if you aren't sticking to the exact same routine your children's teachers use, are you even trying? Do you even care about their education at all?? 🙄

homeschool daily schedule hourly filll every day with love and learning

What is being asked of parents during this time of need is just not humanly possible. 

There is a reason that we are either a working parent, a stay-at-home parent, or a combination part-time working parent. (And let's face it, being a Work-At-Home parent comes with an entirely different set of challenges!) Different people like different things, and we all need to feel fulfilled and useful to society in our own unique ways.

Being a doctor is not the same as being an engineer, and being a lawyer is not the same as being a musician. Nobody would ever argue that these jobs could all be done at the same time because they are entirely different careers requiring different skills. 

Well guess what... Being a school teacher is not the same as being a parent. So why are we putting so much pressure on ourselves to be both? 🤔

If you are like me and struggling to find the balance between working while your kids are home more than usual, remember that this is not hard because you're doing it wrong. It's hard because it's just too much for one person to do alone. 

Tight schedules and strict electronic device times may work in a classroom setting, but things operate differently at home. And it's important for kids to understand the difference in their environments. 

Here's some ways you can really make the most of this time at home with your kids:

  1. Pick a game to play with your child instead of arguing over an academic assignment. 
  2. Teach your child to help with housework so they feel involved and appreciated. 
  3. Get up and dance in your living room. 
  4. Enjoy a walk in your neighborhood and talk about the animals and plants you see. 
  5. Let them play with their tablets and watch TV sometimes. 
  6. Make time to laugh and snuggle every day, and remind them that they are safe and loved. 

Fill every day with love and the learning will happen naturally.

Parenting is it's own kind of teaching, and life is all about learning. While the rest of the world is practicing responsible social distancing, be sure your family is remaining connected. 💜



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