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Are your every day actions serving your purpose? Or hindering it?

Posted by Christie Donn on

I've been really struggling with this since before my last blog post. I WANT a Word of the Year for 2020!

As I mentioned before, my Word for 2019 was Authenticity. Every thought in my head, every word from my lips, every action I took throughout the year was weighed and measured carefully to be certain that it was for *me* and not just what someone else wanted from or expected of me. I needed to discover myself again after spending so long being someone I wasn't.

It served me well in 2019 and I grew more than I expected. I spent the first 30-something years of my life living inauthentically without even realizing it (mostly due to my automatic fawn response,) and I am not about to go back now that I know how it feels on the other side. 

But how can I continue to build on that? That has been the real struggle. 

Contenders so far for this year have been "Growth," "Simplicity," "Bloom," "Declutter," "Stretch," and "Pause."

I like each of them, they are great words, and they appeal to me for a variety of reasons. But they don't quite encapsulate the current leg of my journey. After all, I still want to remain authentic to myself here... And those words just aren't quite right... 

That's when it hit me. Boom! Like lightning! That little reminder to still run everything through my little "Authenticity Filter" in my head.

The word that best fits my direction for 2020 is "Intentional."

You see, last year was about working on myself within. It was about being true to myself mentally and emotionally.
Now that I've figured that part out, it's time to add in the physical part of it.

So here is my commitment to my inspirational word for 2020.

I will be intentional in my thoughts, words, and actions. By making sure that everything I do is with intent, I can hopefully ensure that things I do each day help me to accomplish goals and further serve my purpose. I want the actions I take to have meaning, even if it's something as simple as being mindful of putting things back in their proper place instead of on the kitchen table. (And let's face it, my kitchen table needs all the help it can get!) 

And hopefully the growth, simplifying, blooming, decluttering, and stretching will happen naturally when I pause to check my intentions.

What are your goals for 2020? 


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