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Easy Homemade Disinfecting Wipes (Better than Clorox or Lysol!)

Posted by Christie Donn on

I've got a great recipe for easy homemade disinfecting wipes that I'm excited to share with you! 🧼

(Especially useful if you're having a hard time finding your favorite brand in stock at stores thanks to all the COVID-19 craziness!)

The best part? These handy little wipes are cheaper than anything you could find on a store shelf! 

When I met my husband he was addicted to Clorox disposable wipes. He used them for EVERYTHING! 
Dusty furniture? Wipes. 
Dirty windows? Wipes. 
Schmutz on the kitchen table? Wipes. 
Sticky counters? Wipes.
Every single surface in the bathroom? Of course, wipes to the rescue! 

As a family of four we have to be pretty conscious of our spending, and those little yellow tubes of wipes can be pretty expensive. We needed to come up with a better solution! 

All you need is about 10 minutes, and a few supplies you probably already have on-hand!




  1. Mix all liquid ingredients together 
  2. Place cloth rags into plastic container
  3. Pour mixture over rags 
That's it! Then when you need to clean a mess, just use these cloths as you would a disposable one - but then throw them into the washing machine and use them again! 


Do you prefer a disposable version? I get it. There are times when I would rather throw the whole mess away instead. You can easily modify this recipe using paper towels! In fact, if you tried my homemade baby wipes recipe you might already have half of a roll of paper towels laying around! 
  • Cut paper towel roll in half with a serrated knife, a bread knife works great.
  • Place one of the halves in a large plastic container that can hold 7-8 cups, an old coffee container is perfect.

You may need to double the recipe for disposable paper towels as the liquid will absorb throughout the roll.

When it comes to paper towels, a lot of people like to save a few bucks by buying off-brand options. Trust me on this one - You want to splurge for the Bounty Select-A-Size for these wipes! Off-brand and/or cheap paper towels tend to disintegrate in the water and make a huge mess rather than cleaning up! 

Procter &amp  Gamble Professional Select-a-Size Paper Towels 

Personally, we prefer to use Dawn dish soap. Other brands just don't cut the grease quite the same! And you need something to get through the grime and grossness!

As for a container to keep things fresh? Well, leftover plastic wipes tubs are perfect! You could also repurpose an old swiffer container if you have one laying around. 


Vinegar and Alcohol work together perfectly to shine up your chrome fixtures and faucets!


This mixture also works great in a spray bottle!


Have you tried homemade wipes before? What did you think? Let me know!



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